Massage on the GO! - "Providing professional at-home massage for busy people"
Is life Stressing You Out?
     Has life stressed you out? Does this sound familiar to you? You are extremely busy. There are many demands on your time – work commitments, deadlines, family priorities, running errands, etc. By the end of the day you’re tired. Exhausted. Wiped out. The holiday season is over. You’ve spent a month, fighting through parking lot gridlock, standing in long lines, dealing with rude department store clerks...ugh! Uh-oh, here comes that tension headache again. Your shoulders feel as hard as rocks! “I’d give anything if only someone would give me a massage right now”, you might be wishing...
Finally there’s a solution just for you!
Let Those Worries Go and
Let the Massage Come to You…
      Over the years, I’ve noticed more and more massage clients who loved the bodywork they received but were having a difficult time scheduling and keeping their appointments due to time restrictions, commuting headaches and other factors that stress people out. I recognize how valuable your limited time is.
      My name is Manny Amaral. My practice is called Massage on the GO! Specializing in at-home massage sessions for busy people. I provide “Mobile Massage Therapy‟ – bringing the comfort of a massage to the convenience of your home. The only place you have to travel afterwards is to your favorite couch to sit back and enjoy the benefits of the relaxing massage you just received! If you’re finally tired of the over-priced, 50-minute session and the impersonal corporate feel of many of the popular day spas and discount massage franchises, plus the aggravation it takes to get there, then Massage on the GO! is for you!
First, here's what a few of my current satisfied clients have to say:
(Helen Onni, Sun City West, AZ.) – “Manny helped me regain 100% use of my right shoulder after a severe motor vehicle accident.  He came straight to my home and knew where the problem was immediately and helped me recover at a much faster pace. He has been giving me massage sessions at my home since 2000 and me and my shoulder have never felt better. ”
(Connie Gibson, Sun City, AZ.) After years of Manny working on my back, he seems to instinctively know where I ache and what areas to work on. I always look forward to my massage sessions to help get rid of my neck and shoulder stress without having to leave my house.”
(Lisa Lovejoy, Peoria, AZ.) – “Manny helped me get rid of  a nagging pain in my neck and shoulders. My stress level is down, my energy level is up and somehow my overall mood has improved! It’s the one hour I look forward to the most in the week as a little break from life.”
Skeptical? Still not sure if massage is right for you?
Did you know that...
  • Therapeutic massage is a natural, healthier response to stress or pain than aspirin or other pills and drugs. Massage is also advocated my most traditional as well as alternative doctors.
  • It is an effective means of improving circulation, replacing fatigue with renewed energy, plus relieving stress and tension.
  • Relieves pain from exercise and sports-related activities. People who participate in all kinds of physical activities often say that regular massage improves their performance thanks to improved flexibility, range of motion and pain-free movement.
WHY CHOOSE  Massage on theGO!
The benefits are many! Among them are...
  • No traveling required! Massage on the GO! is the only massage service in the area specializing in at-home  massage for busy people with a no-risk money-back guarantee. Enjoy the pleasure of staying in your own comfortable surroundings and holding onto the benefits of your massage longer without any outside interruptions.
  • Saving you costly gas money by leaving the car at home
  • Keeping your blood pressure low by completely eliminating the stress of
       traffic jams, construction and aggravation
  • 100% “Stress Relief Money-Back Guarantee” if you’re not completely satisfied
Need another reason? How about…
$10 Off Your Next Session!
After you take advantage of your free half-hour massage, you’ll receive your next massage session at $10 off the regular price as an added thank you.
Availability is shrinking as you’re reading this!!!
     Because I am the sole proprietor of my practice, I’m only able to accept a limited amount of clients. I’ll have no choice but to eventually cap off my time slots. Currently dozens are already experiencing the many benefits of  massage with Massage on the GO!  Hurry, spaces are limited; call today!
Are you finally ready to reward yourself? Do yourself a favor and experience a relaxing massage plus the time and gas savings you deserve NOW!
Don’t let life slow you down! CALL TODAY at (623) 680-8574 to schedule your  session!
                                                                                          Wishing you good health,
                                                                                          Manny Amaral, Massage Therapist
                                                                                           Massage on theGO!
                                                                                         (623) 680-8574
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